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What A 2020 This Turned Out To Be

Updated: Oct 2, 2021

Hey guys, It's been a hot minute since I've written anything in here. I typically leave my blog entries for instagram posts. If you're not following already, head over to instagram and follow @thehobblets for our daily shenanigans.


What's happened since 2017? Well, Peaches is 3! What the what?! When did that happen? I blinked and she's a sassy, talkative, silly little threenager with a lot demands and a personality that makes me think she will be an actress in the future.

She had her first broken bone (The wrist) from falling off the swing set. Her current obsession right now is my little pony and dragons. She still rolls her eyes, loves her grammy, and dances to the beat of her own drum. She loves putting on musical recitals in the living room and having daddy tell her stories at bedtime. My big girl is not the biggest fan of the potty but we've come a long way. For the most part we pee in the potty, and if we catch her in time, number 2. But it's still a fight. So we keep on keeping on #thestruggleisreal

Sweet Little BumbleBee

We added a new Hobblet to the family! My darling little Bumblebee. She's as sweet as honey. 10 months old, with a 1000 watt smile that never seems to end. Her favorite things are her mama, her mama and her sissy. In that order. She's smart as a whip and a huge cuddle bug. Bee loves to climb and chase after her sister, as her sister screams and runs away in absolute disgust, (we will talk about this later.) She loves the dog, hates being strapped in to ANYTHING and dancing of course is a favorite which is typical for a Hobblet girl. Our perfect little girls. My husband is feeling outnumbered, but he loves his three girlies.

Work Stuff

A year ago the company I worked for the past 5 years got bought out. While it was a big change and the people I grew to call family went their separate ways, the new company took me on full-time as their marketing director! It's been a blessing being able to work from home, have flexibility and a wonderful supportive, team that are excited about your ideas and expertise as a designer and a communicator.


Covid hit right after Bee was born, and being the anxious human that I am, I haven't left the house much. I can honestly count on one hand how many public places I've been this passed year. I realize what a privilege it is to have the ability to have groceries delivered, being able to work from home, while others like frontline workers have to go out in this mess.

It's been hard not being able to see my family regularly. I miss them so much. We've made concessions here and there, social distancing, or seeing each other after longer periods of self quarantine as an extra step. Back in September my grandma (aka gigi) flew in from Florida so we could have a backyard party for Peaches 3rd Birthday and so she could celebrate my moms 50th. Well my mom caught the dreaded virus and my worst nightmare came to life, Gigi got it. Then one by one, my aunts and my cousins. It's a long story, short version is Gigi recovered, my aunts as well, my mom still has some lingering effects but overall everyone is, luckily, okay. Mike, the girls and I never got it -knock on wood- Gigi is back in Florida safe and sound, and my mother has taken extra precautions about masking up and being careful. Overall 2020 has been a wild one.

There are a few things I hope to have lined up for blogging again. There's a lot of subjects I'd like to touch on. My struggle with sending the girls to school vs. in-home, how a relationship changes after having babies, body positivity struggles and much more. I can't wait to share with you my friends!

Until then, Ciao!


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