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Re-introduction: The Weird Mom

mom on a motorcycle

Hey there, fellow free spirits and kindred souls. I'm Katrina, some people might know me as Kat. I'm your not-so-average-mom who started as a micro-influencer back when her children were born, rejoined the workforce, shutdown her blog for a few years and just recently said SCREW IT to everything and quit her full-time job. Crazy, right? Welcome back!

I've now traded in my corporate life for more time with my children and to pursue art full-time. In a world that often thrives on conformity, I've taken a detour from the traditional. As an artist who's bid farewell to the corporate hustle of marketing and creative direction, I've embraced the canvas of life, where every day is a stroke of creativity.

My days are now filled with hues of laughter, messy art projects, and the sweet chaos that comes with being a full-time mom. This blog is my haven—a creative nook where I spill the paint of my experiences, sharing the good, bad and ugly of navigating parenthood, homeschooling, and starting over, all while chasing dreams.

If you're a fellow mom navigating this rollercoaster of life with a touch of alternative flair and have a love for all things nerdy, you're in the right place. Join me as I unravel the secrets of merging parenthood with geeky passions, proving that being a mom and an artist can go hand-in-hand, even if your style is a bit more unconventional.

Rennaisance faire family

Expect a concoction of life lessons, nerdy parenting tips, and a splash of my eclectic lifestyle. Whether you're here for the artistry, the parenting anecdotes, or just a daily dose of unconventional inspiration, consider me your weird mom go-to destination.

So, if you're a millennial mom craving a dash of the eccentric, seeking a tribe that resonates with your alternative spirit, hit that follow button. Let's turn the ordinary into extraordinary, one brushstroke at a time.

Your friend,



The Weird Mom

Hi, thanks for stopping by!

I'm Katrina. Mama Hobblet. I'm an artist, mom of 2, an avid anime lover. I'm learning to play guitar, ride a motorcycle and I'm a writer. Thanks for following along.

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