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Life As A Hobblet


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Hi There! I'm Kat, a 30 year old, stubborn, artistic, friendly, loving, riddled with anxiety, crazy Italian, nerd mom with an art degree and a sassy little 3 year old and a 10 month old! Wow! Mouthful. Lol. Nice to meet you! Welcome! 

A bit about me: I am the marketing director for a pretty awesome construction company and have my own design shop on the side. I spend a lot of time at home keeping shit together the best I can! All aboard the hotness express! That's me! 

I'm married to a pretty cool dude. He's extremely tall, blonde and quiet with a few drops of extreme dry humor and dad jokes. The exact opposite of Italian.


We met about 12 years ago at a medieval combat society called Belegarth! He hit me over the head with a sword and we've been together ever since! We've been married 9 years and love all kinds of things like anime, comic con's, cosplay, dungeons and dragons, video games, the renaissance faire and, well, all the nerd things! 

I made this blog because, as a new, young mom struggling with anxiety and depression I found myself kind of alone. I was the only one out of my friends who was married and had a baby. I didn't want other new, young moms like me to feel as lost and confused as I was. I want this to be a safe place where we can all feel welcome, and not be embarrassed to ask questions or feel a certain way.


Seriously. I am an open book.

But overall this is me! Coffee addict, sailor mouth, lead foot, Jesus loving, sometimes can't convince myself to leave the house, Kat.


I hope we get to know each other and get to be good friends. I want to give you strength and guidance the best I can, and I hope to learn from you too. 

With our powers combined! we, are not captain planet, but awesome moms. 

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